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“Exposure” uses music, poetry, dance, and visual story-telling to depict themes around depression, displacement/gentrification, and self expression. In the film, four teens carry a burning fire within, a fire that could easily cause destruction. But through music and connection with each other (the cypher), they find a way to harness and release their fire in a form that heals and comforts them. The music, lyrics, and storyline were written and developed by teens in the Cue the Sun media production program at COA Youth and Family Centers (

This film was made possible by the support of the Partnership for Arts and Humanities.

Directed and Facilitated by Kiran "Q the Sun" Vedula

Cinematography by Cody LaPlant and Damien Blue

The title song, "Exposure," is from Shaddye's debut EP "My Life in a Boombox," which is available on all streaming platforms.

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