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Kiran Vedula is a creator, curator, and educator who specializes in music composition and production, live performance, and media-based mentorship. For the past 15 years, he has been working closely with top notch artists and organizations in Milwaukee, nationally, and abroad. He creates compositions, performances, and youth programs that are entertaining, vulnerable, and culturally relevant, with a focus on studying history and building community.



1. To create safe spaces in which people can express freely and learn about themselves.


2. To provide inspiration, motivation, and opportunities for people (particularly young people) to connect with others through vulnerable communication and shared positive experiences.


3. To respect and elevate cultures, people, and art forms that are historically underestimated/misunderstood by presenting music and dance performances and educational material at professional theaters, performing arts centers, community centers, schools, and universities.



B.A., Music Composition and English
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee


M.L.S., American History and Popular Culture
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

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